Hello and welcome to the Lambchop Studios website.  We are a small hard disk recording facility located in Northern New Jersey that offers tracking and mixing services in a friendly working atmosphere.  Owned and operated by a former partner of a commercial studio in the 1970's, we have the ability to record up to 24 tracks simultaneously at our premises and up to 16 tracks simultaneously at remote locations, with virtually hundreds of tracks being recorded before mixing even begins.  We can easily accommodate an entire group recording at the same time which allows them to develop that element of cohesion generally referred to as "cook" that is the magic when one is performing music.  


Our services are "budget friendly" understanding that the large number of musicians that wish to make a CD or demo do not have the funds to spend at a commercial facility.  Also; rather than trying to record and mix something on your own, you will have the benefit of having an experienced engineer that has recorded music for major labels track and mix your music, ensuring a substantially better quality product.  


A common falicy that is perpetuated by the commercial recording industry is that you still require lots of expensive outboard hardware to achieve a professional product.  With the continous improvements in technology this is becoming increasingly false and, in truth, many facilities now have much of their equipment lying dormant while they opt to use high quality software emulations that allow for use of multiple instances of the hardware they emulate.  


However, a computer and software alone does not make for a professional product.  Sound is also affected by choice of microphones and pre amps, as well as, the physical recording environment itself; and even with all of these factors you still require an individual with the knowledge and experience to track and mix.    

Please listen to the music samples recorded at our studio on the other pages and, if you are interested, contact us for a friendly discussion.  We'll tell you what we can and can not do for you do for you and you can decide for yourself if you'd like to utilize our services.